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Kanye Takes on Tidal

They may have a JAY-Z album exclusive (for a week at least until it reaches Apple Music), but Tidal’s woes continue with the news that Kanye West (pictured with JAY-Z) has reportedly terminated his contract with the service and is...
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JAY-Z: Tidal Exclusive

It seems that as the entire industry starts to accept that streaming exclusives are not in any way productive, one particular artist is digging his gold plated heels in with a Tidal exclusive. That’s right, JAY-Z (complete with new...
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Sprint To Save Tidal?

Jay Z may well have far more than 99 problems if Tidal’s performance in comparison to the likes of Apple Music and Spotify so far is anything to go by. However, this hasn’t stopped telecoms firm Sprint from snapping...
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Will Apple And Tidal Go West?

In a further twist to the pantomime speculation surrounding Apple’s potential acquisition of Tidal,Kanye West (pictured) took to Twitter this week demanding that the deal is done. As previously reported, rumours have been swirling for several weeks that Apple...
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Apple To Buy Tidal?

The latest from what The Gen likes to refer to as the streaming wars- a bit like robot wars but with more algorithms and curated playlists. Perhaps one day we’ll look back and laugh at how fragmented it all...
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Tidal: Lemons Into Lemonade

In a further fragmentation of the growing streaming market, Beyonce has released new ‘visual album’ Lemonade exclusively on Tidal following the premiere of a TV special on HBO. The album is essentially a series of music videos, featuring the...
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Tidal Waves of Disappointment

An interesting month for Tidal, as the platform marks a one-year anniversary by revealing that it now has 3 million users across 46 countries. In addition, its owner Jay Z is reportedly preparing to sue its original owners for...
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Turning the Tidal

Not usually one to swim with the tide (he did, after all, declare the Internet to be “completely over” in 2010), Prince has announced that his next release will be exclusively released through streaming platform Tidal. This follows the...
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Surf’s Up: Tidal & Ticketmaster

Tidal may not be washed up just yet, as the service this week announced a partnership with live events ticketing giant Ticketmaster. Launched in the US, users of Jay Z’s much talked about service will be able to view...


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