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UK Music Industry Takes On Youtube Over European Copyright Laws

The reform in question – better known as the European Copyright Directive – and in particular, ‘Article 13’, in essence will make YouTube legally liable for all content uploaded by its users. As a consequence, YouTube would need to...
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UK Music: Tick Off To Free Riders

New figures published by UK Music today reveal that the UK music industry grew by 6% in 2016, contributing £4.4bn to the economy. The ‘Measuring Music 2017’ report indicates that the music industry continued to grow last year across...
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This Is The Story of a Hurricane

UK Music Chief Executive Michael Dugher (pictured) has also started predicting the weather, predicting a “perfect storm” for the music industry due to cuts to music in schools and the closure of hundreds of small music venues. To those...
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UK Live Music Attendance Figures

According to UK Music’s latest ‘Wish You Were Here’ report, audiences attending live music events in the UK rose by 12% in 2016 to 30.9 million, generating £4bn for the economy. The report is published annually, with data crunched...
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Dugher Digs Into UK Music

UK Music has revealed that Labour MP Michael Dugher has been appointed as its new chief executive. Dugher will replace outgoing Chief Executive Jo Dipple in May, with Dipple stepping down after almost nine years with the organisation. Dugher...
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Creative Industries Make Industrial Noise

The Government this week included the creative industries as one of the five key sectors in its ‘modern industrial strategy’, a move welcomed by umbrella groups such as UK Music and the Creative Industries Federation. Announced in a green...
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UK Music: It’s Still A Man’s World

UK Music has announced the results of an industry diversity survey, revealing that ethnic minority representation in the market currently stands at 15.6%. In addition, the results confirm that the upper levels of the industry remain male dominated, with...
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Will UK Music Industry Be Trumped?

Following concerns over the ability to work across European borders because of Brexit earlier this year, the U.K. music industry has raised doubts over the implications that Donald Trump’s US election victory will have for British acts touring the US. Chief...
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UK Music: Diversity Survey

The UK Music Diversity Taskforce has sprung into action, launching an industry wide diversity survey aimed at providing an “accurate snapshot” of diversity in music industry workplaces. The Gen gets the feeling that the industry is not going to...


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