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UK Music Industry Takes On Youtube Over European Copyright Laws

The reform in question – better known as the European Copyright Directive – and in particular, ‘Article 13’, in essence will make YouTube legally liable for all content uploaded by its users. As a consequence, YouTube would need to...
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RIP YouTube Ripping Site

Leading YouTube ripping site, is to shut down after agreeing a settlement with the RIAA in the states. Major record labels took action against the German based site, which is the largest of its kind and is dedicated...
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Lyor, Lyor, YouTube Debate Fires Up

YouTube Head of Music Lyor Cohen has been shot down in flames this month after claiming in a controversial blog post that the much discussed YouTube ‘value gap’ doesn’t exist, adding that YouTube pays out more than other streaming services...
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UK Charts: Divide & Conquer

It will come as no surprise that Ed Sheeran is now the fastest selling male artist ever, with first week sales of 671,542 for new album Divide, according to the Official Charts Company (OCC)– just imagine what the lad...
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Is Audio Killing Video Star?

According to a new mid-year report from market monitor BuzzAngle, audio streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music have overtaken YouTube for the first time ever in the first six months of 2016 in the US. On-demand streams...
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Amazon Take On YouTube

Amazon has launched a new video platform for content owners. What a great idea, it’s almost funny that someone hadn’t already thought of it. Amazon Video Direct (AVD) launched this week as an add on to Amazon video, the...
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Sixx Sticks It To YouTube

As waves surrounding ‘safe harbour’ debates continue to crash, Mötley Crüe co-founder Nikki Sixx (pictured) is the latest musician to criticise YouTube over the royalties it pays out for music video streams. Sixx has penned an open letter calling...
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New Awards on Radar

Just what the entertainment industry needs- another awards ceremony! Online music video commissioning company Radar has announced its inaugural awards, dedicated to acknowledging the best music videos from emerging directors, artist and bands. Taking place at YouTube, London on...
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Apple Snags Swift Exclusive

Apple has shown its streaming hand this week, with the announcement of the exclusive release of Taylor Swift’s ‘1989’ world tour video. The release will be available in its entirety exclusively to Apple Music members around the world- A...


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