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In a bold and rather creative move, Wonder Wonder arrive with their debut track ‘Body Gold’ and state it is their intention to release one new track a month for a year, eventually leading to their debut album. In many ways this move reflects the growing digital age and the way in which people consume music, outside of the traditional structures of singles and EPs.

Outside of the band’s longer term plans, their arrival is veiled in the now customary anonymity that surrounds many new artists and bands. While we know very little about the context of Wonder Wonder, we do know they are a writing/production duo from London, and the contemporary sound they have crafted in ‘Body Gold’ is exemplary. Lead by a female vocal, the track begins in a low key fashion, building with light percussion and and a minimal production style that guides the track in a positive, progressing momentum.

12 months may sound like a long time, however we will await each passing month eagerly for the next Wonder Wonder track.

Words by Ben Blackburn

Tipped by Hector Barley & Andy Von Pip

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