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There must be something in the water up in Scotland, or maybe it’s the impact of growing up in the highlands, but there’s some bloody gorgeous music coming from of our Northern brothers and sisters. Following in the footsteps of the likes of Belle and Sebastian, Frightened Rabbit and Meursault, Glasgow based Call To Mind create lovingly crafted songs with a unique sound of their own; utilising strings, piano, guitars and drums in the most arresting of fashions.

‘A Family Sketch’ is the first track off their debut album out in 2014 on Olivegrove Records and it’s subtle majesty creates a song you can cosy up to and keep warm with better than any blanket or fireplace in the cold months ahead. Even with comparisons to the likes of Sigur Ros their quiet demeanour and focus on their craft has meant their slow rise to prominence in Scotland has been a hidden gem of a secret so far, but if the rest of their album is as heart warming and life affirming as A Family Sketch it won’t stay that way for long.

Words by David McDonald

Tipped by Halina Rifai from Glasgow Podcart

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