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I recently bought a new record player, and I don’t think I’ve been this excited about a physical object since the first few Christmases that I can remember. I was a late comer amongst my peers to the vinyl fascination, however after becoming worn out by the tinny sound of my laptop speakers, I invested in a 70’s Sharp music system and I’ve not looked back since. I’m still early in building my collection; however Dios Mio’s single demo is a record that I wish I could go out and purchase on vinyl today. Sultry, beautiful vocals are matched by fuzzy, melodic guitars, resulting in a very impressive debut effort in the form of ‘Tough Crowd’.

Hailing from London, Dios Mio is a quartet featuring a member of Wartgore Hellsnicker, and they have already commanded the attention of several prominent blogs. This first demo, along with some early live dates, has demonstrated a huge amount of potential for this new outfit, and we here at Tipping Point towers cannot wait to see what they produce next.

Words by Ben Blackburn

Tipped by Tom from Gold Flake Paint

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