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I’ve finished my degree at last and I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be putting off real life for a bit longer. In little over a month, I’ll be travelling around Europe and ‘Faraway’ by Lungs is going straight on the interrailing playlist. Former Guillemots guitarist and vocalist Suzie Blake’s languorous shoegazy dream-pop will make the perfect accompaniment to train journeys at sunset.

Okay, so perhaps I’m romanticising but, at the very least, the beautiful eeriness of this track might detract from pickpockets, heat rash and long, confused hours spent on grimy station platforms. This one is for fans of Portishead or really anyone that has once found themselves wistfully gazing into the distance wishing they were elsewhere.

Catch them live at The Lock Tavern in London on July 21.

Words by Lauren Vevers

Tipped by Elena from Popped Music

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