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Mirror Signal is the solo project of Steven Barker, a very talented 19-year-old singer songwriter from Suffolk. His single ‘Broken Solider’ portrays the singer to be an old soul at heart, with the tracks sophisticated and mature sound.

‘Broken Solider’ is an atmospheric, soulful hip-hop track. It ebbs and flows into your ears like a calm glistening stream, gushing at times and others gently trickling down stream. Broken down, the single is composed of layers of acoustic guitar, swooping backing vocals and a rhythmic backbeat, with beautiful piano flourishes on the chorus that just top it off. The minimalistic feel to the track helps emphasise Steven’s husky vocals and reflective lyrics, telling the tale of personal struggles and redemption.

If you enjoy what you hear then I recommend that you check out his debut EP ‘Broken Solider’ which was released April of this year.

Words by Ruth Edmundson

Tipped by Simon Pursehouse from Sentric Music

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