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Welsh wunderkind PaPrintS makes an impressive racket for a one-man band. Mixing up live instruments with a colourful array of exploding electronics, he paints a glorious fireworks display of sound onto his joyous canvas.

Debut single ‘Law A’ bleeds out of the speakers with its shoegaze synths straight out of M83’s secret laboratory before jerking time signature drums and Arcade Fire-esque ‘hey!’s take us down indie crossover street.

His idiosyncratic vocal and playful lyrics make for one kookily infectious earworm; imagine the oeuvre of Los Campesinos! condensed into the bursting imagination of a solitary synth-pop visionary and you might come close.

B-side ‘Saskatchewan’ is a more sedate number of bubbling keyboard arpeggios and elongated vowels, similarly awoken by a nagging breakbeat and sawing lead synths towards the song’s climax.

The single is out on March 18th followed soon after by his debut album, ‘Egg Mountain’.

Words by Matt Marlow

Tip courtesy of Bob Allan

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