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London trio Peluche – made up of Rhapsody Gonzalez, Amy Maskell and Sophie Lowe – make frankly bizarre but altogether infectious indie-pop that doesn’t strive to be merely conventional. Their debut single ‘Ohio,’ which comes out on the 27th October through RIP Records, is just a small glimmer of what makes this band a thrillingly unique prospect.

Beginning fairly conventionally, with a lilting slide riff and tumbling bass, the girls’ voices combine to create a wonderful harmonic symphony. When repeating ‘Ohio’ during the chorus (if we can call it that), their voices rise and fall in a joyous manner, almost yodelling the word in rapture. Unusually, the song abandons its initial structure to morph into something entirely different about halfway through. Eventually the frenetic repetition of ‘face’ and other lyrics within this section fade back into the original chorus. ‘Ohio’ certainly keeps you on your toes and provides a tantalising peek at what Peluche could be capable of as an avant-pop band.

Words by Eugenie

Tipped by Dave Maul from Black and White Music

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