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Plenty of ‘End of Year’ and ‘One’s to Watch’ lists are often accused of focusing on the latter half of the year under review, and in doing so they suffer from a level of music amnesia of records released, and demos uploaded, earlier in the year. While this may be true of other lists, this is certainly not the case with our ‘Top of the Tips 2013’, as could be seen yesterday with the focus on Chloe Howl as an artist that was originally tipped way back in January. This pattern continues today with our number 4 tip, Prides, a Scottish three piece that originally passed through Tipping Point towers in May and caused quite the stir.

Creating a furore with their debut effort ‘Out Of The Blue’, Prides immediately made an impact with their electro-pop melodies and emotionally charged vocal lines. Counting fellow Scottish electro-pop fanciers CHVRCHES as early fans, Prides garnered a huge amount of praise and support from tastemaker blogs, which in turn led to extensive radio play on BBC Radio 1. It should be no surprise to learn that since May this three piece have now developed an ever increasing fan base, and can count a plethora of UK tour dates and appearances at several summer festivals, including Reading/Leeds Festival, as positive charges against what is a very prospering career.

It has been reported that Prides have signed a development deal with Island Records, however, unless they plan to follow in the steps of a recent Beyonce tactic, we’re still yet to hear any more new original music from the band. This only furthers the impressive nature of Prides‘ success in 2013, and it has made us all that much more eager to hear what they are ready to set 2014 alight with. Having made it into our Top 5 in our TOTT13, make sure to watch out for Prides release what could be one of the best pop albums of 2014.

Words by Ben Blackburn

Originally posted on The Tipping Point on May 1st

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