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Trans_Formation: Power in Community

An intentional, dedicated space for trans and non-binary artists in Newcastle.

Trans_Formation: Power in Community with I. JORDAN is our week long residency in partnership with Brighter Sound providing
an intentional, dedicated space for trans and non-binary artists to create in a mutually supportive and nurturing environment.

About The Programme

Trans_Formation brought together 11 noise-makers, rappers, composers and DJs together to make new sounds with I. JORDAN. Find out more about them.

The incredible I. JORDAN, known for their palette of raw and emotive club music, lead this intentional, dedicated space for Trans and Non-Binary artists in Newcastle between 23-27 January, alongside guest artists Ifeoluwa and TAAHLIAH.

“Trans and queer spaces are powerful and transformative”, JORDAN says. “But there are not enough dedicated spaces that specifically allow artists to just create. We will be using the power of community to harness our creativity. I can’t wait to see what we make together.”

Over five days the group met, collaborated and vibed, with a premiere performance at Star & Shadow Cinema on the final day.

The team then took their sounds south for TRANUARY, a new day to night festival by trans for trans, platforming the best in trans talent from across the UK.

  • I can't really explain the impact that week had on my life. Like it genuinely made me rethink my entire trajectory as a musician just because of how that feeling of making music with other trans people fostered my creativity.

  • There is something really beautiful about trans spaces, something that I can't put words into.


Want to hear more?

JORDAN reflects on the project as part of an RA Exchange episode. The conversation touches on the power of queer community, the spectre of imposter syndrome and the growing importance of nurturing creative outlets for marginalised musicians

This programme will take place on an annual basis


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