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Digital Innovation Workshop

This 2-day intensive workshop, split over 2 weeks, has been designed for digital businesses seeking to identify new opportunities to sell digital services to both new and existing clients.

Part of our Supply Chain North East programme, this workshop will help digital businesses owners think about managing accounts rather than focussing on just delivering projects. How to be a strategic partner rather than just a supplier who fulfils based on a narrow brief.

This intensive 2-day workshop is split over 2 weeks and is designed for ambitious business owners will cover:

Customer Journey Mapping

Do you fully understand how your clients manage their customer journey process within their business? Is this changing? Share tools to help clients identify areas of improvement.

Operational Efficiency

Use Pain, Need and Gain techniques to look at how internal staff communicate, share information and make decisions. What frustrates them now? Can technology help? How do you present this to the client?

Evolving the Business Model

Look at the challenges facing the client’s sector. How do we plan for the future when technology is changing so quickly? Share the power of validated strategic planning to help client shape a technology roadmap.


You can read our #NEquality code of conduct for all events here.


Schedule of Event

09:30 - 16:30 13 June: Day 1
09:30 - 16:30 20 June: Day 2

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