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Digital Mental Health NE: ThinkTank

We believe that there is a lot more that can be done to address the issue of mental health in digital work places. By working together to promote and support existing initiatives and developing new ideas, we can make a significance difference to the health and well-being of people working in the digital sector.

We are calling on digital companies, mental health practitioners, sufferers and anyone interested in finding ways to make a real and permanent change in the culture of our sector. There are clear social, emotional and business benefits to raising awareness and supporting those managing what has become an everyday struggle for millions of people. There is a huge amount of potential in pulling our efforts together and finding new ways to help people help themselves.
The aim of the event will be to explore needs, requirements, challenges and understand the work already taking place in the region. We plan to start looking at ways to share information, collaborate and ultimately improve people’s lives and working environment. In addition we’ll discuss ways in which we can develop a programme of events looking forward to Mental Health Week in October 2018. The format will be such to allow for debate, discussion and idea generation with the intention of creating real and actionable plans for what comes next.
This event is organised in partnership between Digital Union and Campus North and supported by Consult and Design.

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