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Digital Transformation Workshop

This 2-day intensive workshop, split over 2 weeks, has been designed for traditionally non-digital businesses seeking to identify business transformation opportunities within their own companies using digital technologies.

Part of our Supply Chain North East programme, this intensive 2-day workshop, split over 2 weeks, designed for ambitious business owners will cover:

Customer Journey Mapping

Looking at improvements in how the business communicates and service their customers

Operational Efficiency

Explore how we make the business more efficient and use business intelligence thinking to find key metrics that will improve decision making and optimise the use of resources.

Evolving the Business Model

This will look at how the business can identify new digitally driven products and services. This will help them sell more to new and existing customers whilst also opening up new markets.


You can read our #NEquality code of conduct for all events here.


Schedule of Event

09:30 - 16:30 11 July: Day 1 Workshop
09:30 - 16:30 18 July: Day 2 Workshop

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