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#DUSocial: Video Production & Marketing

Are you ready to diversify your content strategy, increase your ROI, and supercharge your marketing department? This is the masterclass for you.

With guidance on narrative structure, editing, content types, storyboarding, tools and tips and much more, this hands-on workshop will help you gain confidence in capturing and editing short-form video for your marketing.

Key Takeaways from this session:

  • You will gain a comprehensive understanding of narrative structure within video marketing
  • You will learn how to use storyboarding like a pro to develop your video ideas
  • You will learn how best to distribute your exciting, new video content to a ready-to-buy audience
  • You will learn how to find and utilise the best light and sound, in order to create professional-looking content whether you’re using a phone or a camera
  • You will gain an understanding of aspects of video creation such as pace and composition, and how they should be considered in the video-making process
  • You will learn about post-production and how adopting the right workflow will help you integrate video better into a more diverse and comprehensive marketing strategy for your business

Christian Payne specialises in creative technology and communications, working with multimedia creation, social media documenting and amplification. Christian runs coaching sessions, workshops and also consults internationally with the likes of the BBC, the Labour Party, the Conservative Party, Google, the United Nations, and more. Using mobile devices to document his surroundings, Christian captures and shares stories and interactions in real time.

“Christian is a force of nature. Think lightning, thunder, fire and plate tectonics all rolled into one. His mastery of the digital space is awesome. He inspires through his storytelling, creativity, energy and ubiquitous presence. I am sure he is cloned because I cannot otherwise account for his prodigious hard work in support of better communication.”

“Christian is a passionate creative person who aims to produce excellence – and succeeds. He has more wizardry and gadgetry than anyone else I know AND he loves to share his enthusiasm. A great communicator who is sure to inspire those who hear him speak.”


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