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Generator Union – Stage Fright Workshop

Dry mouth and tight throat. Trembling hands, knees, lips and voice. Sweaty and cold hands. You may be suffering from Stage Fright!

Stage fright, or performance anxiety, is state of anxiety or fear which occurs when an individual is faced with the requirement of performing in front of an audience.

Bernii Mac has been working in the industry for over 25 years, across the UK and US, focusing on her own career and the support of up and coming artists. Much of this support is focused around mental health and combating performance anxieties.

This exclusive masterclass has been developed to support anyone who’s suffering with Stage Fright, from artists to public speakers! If you’re taking to the stage and presenting yourself, your brand or pitching for business, this session can help!

The Stage Fright Masterclass will cover:

– Bernii’s history within the music business and experience with stage fright/nerves/confidence/self-belief

– Interactive group sessions

– How common nerves are amongst professional performers

– Confidence and self-belief

– The science behind why we get stage fright and the difference between stage nerves and fright

– Practical tips for managing stage fright and nerves

– Empowerment exercises

– An opportunity to put your learning into practice in a safe space

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