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Generator x Live Theatre presents: Late Girl + Erika Lara Leaman

A free post-show gig in partnership with Live Theatre 

We’re teaming up with Live Theatre Newcastle to bring you some exclusive post show gigs after performances of the world premiere stage adaptation of Lukas Moodysson’s We Are The Best!, which runs from Thu 26 May – Sat 18 Jun 2022. Make sure you stick around after the show and discover sounds programmed especially to carry on Lukas Moodysson’s thrilling story of youth rebellion

Late Girl is an electronic project using found sound and programming music tools to create looming melodies that hint at a classical background and perverted samples of surreal humour. This is an experimental take on programmed beat music. Sometimes submerging written or sung stories with soundscape pieces, Late Girl externalises cultural observations with a personal take and irreverent approach.

+ a set from Erika Lara Leaman

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