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Introduction to Computer Game Development

Introduction to Computer Game Development, an evening with Sally Blake (Formerly of Ubisoft and Team 17) and Troy Lonergan (Independent Games Development Consultant)

In this masterclass, we will hear from Troy Lonergan who will share his journey through the games industry. Starting as a tester on Playstation 1 games back in the year 2000, to becoming a mobile games design consultant. Troy will tell how he got his second job in the industry, and why it was perhaps more important than his first. With practical advise on how you can get those, first, second, third jobs – and how to stay relevant in a fast moving industry. This will include mobile design practices and how to approach mobile developers at an entry level, to impress them and give yourself a better chance of securing the role you want.

We will also be hearing from Sally Blake, who has 6 years experience in the AAA game industry, having shipped Just Dance, Watch Dogs and The Division with Ubisoft. She will be talking to us about her experiences within the industry, including her route from QA to Production, and what anyone looking to break into the industry can do to get started.

Schedule of Event

17:00 Arrival & Registration
17:15 Talk Begins
18:30 Questions & Networking
19:00 Close

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