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Ladders Film/TV Course: Knowledge & Awareness

Designed for those with little experience of film/TV or animation, this 3-session course for 17-25 year olds will provide knowledge and awareness training in professional digital media industries under the guidance of an industry mentor, guest speakers and masterclasses.

This 3-week course will allow you to explore a wide range of career options within the film, television and digital media industries. There are a huge number of different roles to explore in these career pathways, from writers to producers, videographers and editors. The industry is continually changing with new platforms and technology opening up exciting opportunities for storytelling. We will explore how film projects develop from storyboard to screen and you will meet a range of professionals involved in this creative process. The people you will meet are at varying levels in their career, which will give you a broad and realistic overview of employment in film. Talks, workshops and visits will give you a taste of what it is like to work in these fields, identify industry skill gaps, and give you valuable insights into what is going on in the region.


Please note the three sessions take place on:

16th January 12-6pm

23rd January 1-6pm

30th January 1-6pm


Want to develop your skills in Film further? 

We’ll be announcing Stage 2 & 3 of our Ladders Film course shortly!


If you have any enquiries, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Cal Kilpatrick by emailing

Schedule of Event

13:00-18:00 Stage One | Session One | 16/1/19
13:00-18:00 Stage One | Session Two | 23/1/19
13:00-18:00 Stage One | Session Three | 30/1/19

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