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Ladders Software Course: Develop your own Project

This course offers hands-on support for anyone developing an idea or portfolio as well as offering up some ideas for those who just wish to hone their skills. Over 4 weeks, we will be able to put into action those skills which were learned on previous Ladders courses or develop existing skills from other courses. You might have a background in game development or app development and support for these is also provided. We can even support hardware-based projects.

For people seeking employment within the industry, we have a good understanding of which skills someone would need to demonstrate at the interview when applying for a job as well as how to demonstrate a keen ability for continuous learning, an essential ingredient to keep pace with the modern software industry.

For those seeking to develop their own projects, Phil has 10 years of software experience and has helped many young start-ups draw together ideas for their prototypes or MVP as it known. This includes how to scale back an idea to bring it market earlier than any competition and remain agile in difficult industries. We can also offer support for teams who wish to start testing the market with an idea along the way as we support the growth of your project into a business.

Alongside your creative endeavour, a series of Enterprise Support workshops and one to one support is available to individuals who are contemplating pursuing a freelance career and/or develop a business idea in software development.

The enterprise support package includes a series of key enterprise workshops covering a range of relevant business topics to guide and motivate creative individuals through the logistics of starting a business. Guest speakers will be introduced to their areas of specialism from accountants to young creative and digital entrepreneurs, business coaches to branding specialists to give insight into self-employment and constructive advice.

Please note the following dates for Stage 3:

Application Deadline: 14th February (4pm).
Interviews: 18th February (TBC per applicant)
Industry Project Sessions – 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th March (1-6pm)
Showcase: 3rd April (4pm – 7pm)

Application: Email for details.

Stage 2

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