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Ladders Software Course: Skills Development in Web Development

This 3-week short course is a dynamic and far-reaching course that will accelerate any budding developers’ learning.

It will bring them up to speed with industry standards and showcase the range of possible careers in this growing and exciting industry sector. We will be looking at many aspects of modern web development. During the 3 sessions, we are focussing on web development to ‘deep dive’ into the sector and learn real skills which apply to positions available in companies right now.

Web development focuses around HTML, CSS and JavaScript. These essential languages are an important part of any developer or designers toolbelt. Many jobs are enhanced by knowledge of these languages and for some, it’s absolutely essential. Even if you plan on going into a different field, some working ability with these technologies will enhance an application as it can greatly help communication when working with developers.
This may also suit people who plan on running their own company but wish to work with a developer to do so, having a basic web background can quickly get you up to speed with what’s possible and can help a company move quickly in a fast-paced environment.

Please note these sessions will take place on:

24th, 31st October & 7th November 2018 (1pm –6pm)

Want to develop your skills in Software Development further?

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If you have any enquiries, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Cal Kilpatrick by emailing

Schedule of Event

13:00-18:00 Stage 2 | Week 1 | 24/10/2018
13:00-18:00 Stage 2 | Week 2 | 31/10/2018
13:00-18:00 Stage 2 | Week 3 | 07/10/2018

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