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Ladders Software Development Course: Knowledge & Awareness

Ladders Software Development Course Stage One: Knowledge & Awareness: An introduction to the modern software industry.

An introduction to the modern software industry, this 3-week short course will show individuals what working in tech is all about.

There are many varied and exciting roles available to young people who wish to pursue a career in tech and this course will try to cover as many different areas as possible. We will visit real companies to see what a typical working day looks like and see what you could expect to do when starting in this exciting and ever-changing industry. We’ll also be looking at what sort of skills can help support an application to a job and hear from real employers about the sorts of skills they are looking for right now. There will also be support available for those who wish to pursue their own start-up idea, it might be a technology-based website or mobile app, we’ll also be meeting many budding entrepreneurs who have followed this route in what promises to be an inspiring journey into the world of modern technology and business.

Please note the three sessions take place on:

16th January 12-6pm

23rd January 1-6pm

30th January 1-6pm


Want to develop your skills in Software Development and coding further? 

We’ll be announcing Stage 2 & 3 of our Ladders Software course shortly!


If you have any enquiries, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Cal Kilpatrick by emailing



Schedule of Event

12-6pm Stage One | Session One | 16/1/19
1-6pm Stage One | Session Two| 23/1/19
1-6pm Stage One | Session Three| 30/1/19

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