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Songwriting Masterclass With Bernard Butler

As part of Tipping Point Live we are delighted to offer the unique opportunity for a chosen artist to work on one of their compositions in a live setting with Brit-award winning producer Bernard Butler.

This will take place over the course of 90 minutes at the Cluny 2 on Saturday 22nd June as part of the inaugural Tipping Point Live Festival.

This will be a song-writing experiment to a live audience happening for the first time in Newcastle. Bernard has previously worked with young people from all over the world in this collaborative way but this will be the first time he has tried it in front of a live audience and he is excited to meet, listen to and work with a range of new music- creators from the North East. One artist will be chosen to have their composition worked on and a range of other applicants will be invited to be part of the live writing process. The final composition will also be recorded on the day and a copy provided to the artists.

Bernard expanded:

“We all come at this with no pedigree and no history. It will be a largely spontaneous 90 minute journey, setting questions and challenges in front of the writers, and posing the group a set of what-if’s around the song arrangement. Creativity has been blessed by the infinite possibilities of technology, but what interests me most is what we can do with our limitations, our mistakes, and our human interaction. Creativity so often overlooks these powerful factors in the modern world. I will also be curious to see how an audience responds to the crude methods of creativity that make up a song arrangement”

If you would like to apply for the opportunity to work with Bernard at Tipping Point Live please complete the submission form here. All compositions must be in demo format and not fully produced recordings.

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