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Successful Bid and Tender Writing

Do you sell to other businesses?

Do you need to write quotes and proposals?

Do you want to be able to compete for tenders and sell into larger organisations and the Public Sector?

This session will take you through the principles, understanding, and practical tools to help you gain that vital edge.

Garry Stone of B2B North / Transmit Consulting is a bid specialist who has helped secure tens of millions of pounds in contract wins for businesses across the North East.

He will share with you his practical hands-on experience to help you:

  • Understand what makes your business special and how to make that count
  • What understanding the client really means and how to make that work for you
  • Successfully navigating formal contract processes
  • Challenges such as word count and effective writing skills
  • Making value and added value really work
  • How to structure a persuasive proposal
  • The key to effective presentations

“We have helped start-ups and growing businesses secure that crucial first contract, as well as helping established businesses break into new markets. It’s not about size, it’s about how you understand and fully harness what makes your business ‘special’. This not only wins contracts and tenders, it can transform every area of your sales and marketing”

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