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Tipping Point Live Conference

As part of the Tipping Point Live new music showcase across Newcastle's Ouseburn Valley on Friday 21st June & Saturday 22nd June, Tipping Point (powered by Generator) are pleased to announce the Tipping Point Live Conference!

The conference is supported by some of the UK’s leading music industry trade bodies, including award-winning music publishers Sentric Music, The Musicians’ Union, the UK’s premier royalty collection agency PRS For Music, licensing organisation PPL and independent music charity Help Musicians UK.

In addition to this, Spotify UK’s Drew Lam, part of the Artist & Industry Partnerships team, will present Spotify’s Artist Masterclass, joining a list of celebrated music industry professionals set to descend on Tyneside.

Conference Schedule:

Registration: 10am, Toffee Factory

Spotify Presents: Artist Masterclass – 10:30am, Toffee Factory

How do playlists work? How do you increase your listeners and followers? What even is Spotify for Artists and how do you make sense of the data it provides? 

Presented by Spotify UK’s Drew Lam, part of the Artist & Industry Partnerships team, join us at the Artists Masterclass and discover the knowledge, tools and best practices to help you raise your profile and find your audience on Spotify. 

Help Musicians UK presents: Futureproofing DIY artists – 11:45am, Toffee Factory

What kind of support do musicians in the 21st century need in order to thrive? Join Amazing Radio’s Rianne Thompson with Lucy Jowett from Dead Naked Hippies, Tony Ereira, founder of ‘singles club’ and artist development agency, Come Play With Me and Creative Programme Officer Joe Danher from the charity Help Musicians UK, to explore how best to navigate and signpost musicians throughout their career.

Lunch – 12:45

WTF Is Publishing – 1:30, Toffee Factory

Sentric Music’s Chris Mcintosh will be hosting a seminar on the basics of music publishing and how it’s arguably one of the most important income streams for emerging artists. The talk will cover everything from performance, broadcast, online use and synchronisation to help you understand exactly where you are earning money from your copyrights.  Let’s face it, we all want to know – WTF Is Music Publishing?! 

Understanding Needs in the North – Have Your Say – 2:30pm, Cookhouse

 Music charity Help Musicians UK invites all music creators at Tipping Point Live to join an interactive session that will explore the rich musical ecosystem in the north of England. Have your say about what’s missing, what’s being done well and what more could be done in the future.

How to Win Friends and Influence Promoters: A Guide to Selling Out – 2:45pm, Toffee Factory

The MU will be presenting ‘How to Win Friends and Influence Promoters’, a session focused on gig and tour promotion. This will enable musicians to understand how to attract bigger audiences to their shows through the effective use of promotional methods and social media, and also how to find and identify the right shows and venues to be playing.

Manchester promoter Jay Taylor (Night & Day) will be delivering the workshop, and will cover all aspects of event promotion – from announcing a show, to working with venue promoters, other acts on the bill and ticketing platforms to reach fans, sell tickets and grow audiences.

Get Played – Get Paid – 4pm, Toffee Factory

 Starting out as an artist can often be daunting, especially when learning how to get paid fairly for your work. Whether it’s understanding royalties, earning gig fees, selling merch – this panel will discuss key things that up-and-coming artists need to know about possible income streams, a one-stop-shop for understanding how money flows from your music.

In addition to this attendees will also have the option to speak to a member of staff from Help Musicians UK, PRS For Music, PPL, Sentric & Musicians Union directly via an arranged meeting. If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact

Sign up here.

Please note that this event is free to attend but prior registration is essential due to limited spaces. If you can no longer attend please let us know 

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