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An Introduction to PROTO

PROTO, Gateshead is the North East's home for innovation and digital disruption. Offering 3D scanning, motion capture and sound recording to support animators, film makers and games developers in producing cutting-edge digital content.

The facility also provides a double height, multi-purpose and acoustically soundproofed space that can be transformed giving businesses and academia an environment from which to explore emerging technology applications with no boundaries.

PROTO houses the only 360° 3D photogrammetry rig outside of the famous Pinewood Studios in London and 24Ten in Sheffield attracting businesses and tenants from all across the UK to the coolest space in the North East.

PROTO is owned and managed by Gateshead Council who are continuing to look to the future and position Baltic Quarter where PROTO is based as a global leader in the drive to develop and bring to market emerging technologies. “As a council, when it comes to investment, Gateshead tends to put its money where its mouth is,” explains Sheena Ramsey, chief executive of Gateshead Council. “We accessed £3m from the Regional Development Fund and just under £1m from the Local Enterprise Partnership but the rest we funded ourselves.

“We see what’s here already in Baltic Quarter as a catalyst for further growth. We want to create the ideal work-life balance and we’re hoping to develop housing on the doorstep to complement the tech space already there.

“The interest we’ve had from digital businesses around PROTO has been incredible. When we talk to developers, particularly in London and internationally, they cannot believe the scale of the development and the opportunities which exist in Gateshead. They see that there’s an opportunity to achieve something genuinely exciting, using state-of-the-art facilities and technology.

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