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How Can Employers Promote a Healthy Workplace?

Digital Union member Oculus HR share their top tips for promoting a healthy workplace.

We are more aware than ever before of the impact our health can have on our work, so promoting a healthy workplace is high on the agenda for many employers. After all, we spend eight hours a day (sometimes more) at work and our health shouldn’t take a back seat during this time. Everything from how we set up our work station, to how often we move during the day, can affect our health, but what can employers do to make their workplace healthier and happier?

Work space and environment

It’s no secret that the layout and design of the workplace can affect both employees mental and physical health. Ergonomic assessments can support staff in preventing back problems, repetitive strain injuries and many other conditions that may be caused in the workplace, while other assessments can also look at the equipment and lighting used and how that can affect employee’s health.

By taking a step back and analysing your work environment, such as lighting, seating, temperature control and even the colours used, this can highlight areas which may need improving. Our wellbeing and mood is linked to so many different factors, so by addressing the work place and ensuring it is comfortable, clean and pleasant to be in is a good starting point.

Mindfulness and reduced stress

By promoting mindfulness in the workplace, you are allowing staff to be in the moment and focussed in a non-stressful way. Whether you invite a guest who specialises in mindfulness to speak to your staff or allow simple meditation or mindful breaks each day, this can be a solution to stress as it soothes the nervous system and can even help the immune system and reduce blood pressure.

Exercise and movement

A lot of job roles, especially in office environments, involve sitting down and very little movement throughout the day. By encouraging staff to take short breaks to walk around the building or promote lunch time activities, you are ensuring your employees are not sedentary for such long periods of time. Not only is this good for their physical health, but also mental wellbeing, which will have an overall positive impact on their work.

Healthy Eating

As an employer, you can’t tell your staff what they can and can’t eat. However, you can provide a comfortable area for them to prepare and eat their food. If you have a work canteen or café, you could increase the accessibility of healthy foods, but if your staff bring their own food, you should provide a fridge and somewhere for employees to prepare or heat up their food. It is also extremely beneficial to provide drinking water and encourage hydration to prevent employees getting a headache or feeling lethargic.

There are so many ways employers can promote a healthy workplace and not only will this benefit employees, it was also benefit the business as a whole.

If you would like to discuss health in the workplace or how you can change or improve your policies and procedures, get in touch! We would love to help you achieve the healthiest workplace possible.

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