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The Industrial Revolutions

"Through the first and second Industrial Revolutions the North East of England held a prominent place in inventing and utilising world changing innovations.

Lightbulbs; railways; locomotives; gas detectors; steam powered ships; modern artillery; hydroelectric powered lifts and houses; life boats; matches; hydraulic bridges; steam turbines; light switches; and the humble windscreen wiper were devised and championed within the North East region during the first and second Industrial Revolutions.

Collectively we were not as prominent as we should have been within the third Industrial Revolution and it is down to our generation to push forward with innovations to try and rebuild the international reputation of the region.

Imagine its 1994 again and Windows 95 is being deployed next year. TCP/IP is included within the build prior to the internet taking off. This is because Microsoft know that the internet will change our lives and want to provide users the tools to develop.
Fast forward to the present day, 2019 is 1994 and the new internet is coming out next year.

What’s it called? The blockchain. The largest companies in the world will use them and your company will have to interact with them using smart contracts. In a year every CEO/CTO will have to know exactly what a blockchain is and how to make money from interacting with one.

Within two years all the technology experts will know, utilise and promote blockchain technology as the only way to do business when data sharing is considered. Think of how instrumental the internet is to modern business, well there is a new one on the way and it is about to be adapt or die time. At North East we can assist your company to interact with any blockchain by designing smart contracts, allowing your business to be secure, more profitable, and future proof.”

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