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Attitude is Everything Mystery Shopper

Calling all Deaf & disabled music fans! Fancy some free gig tickets and improving the local music industry at the same time? Of course you do!

We are developing an exciting new piece of research focusing on the North East music scene – and we need your help.

Our partners Attitude is Everything are well versed in the situation facing many Deaf & disabled music fans across the nation, however they are shining a light on the situation in the North East, an area rich in culture but a bit skint when it comes to research.

To start with we’re looking for Mystery Shoppers – how do you fancy getting tickets & travel costs reimbursed for telling us how the gig went?


For more information see below, and to register your interest go here or if you have any questions email


The North East music scene is a complex thing and we want to hear from as many different people as we can about the issues facing Deaf & disabled music fans in the region. We’re interested in lots of different aspects of the industry from bedroom fans to boardroom CEOs, DJs to drum techs – what’s great about the North East music scene, and what’s not so great? What barriers are in place and where would you like to see change?

So whether you’re a disabled music fan, performer, work in the music industry or just enjoy a good gig now and then, spread the word and get involved.

Phone: 0191 2554463


The Mystery Shopping project is the keystone of our work. Our dedicated team of Mystery Shoppers are Deaf and disabled music fans who report back on the accessibility and overall experience at UK music venues, clubs and festivals, in return for free tickets and travel. This is vital for identifying each venue’s strengths and areas for improvement.

We’re always on the lookout for new volunteers to assess almost any live music event, but we specifically target venues and festivals that are signed up to the Charter of Best Practice. The detailed feedback on accessibility is then passed onto management, so that any potential barriers are identified and practical solutions are suggested.

Would you like to join the project..?

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