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Carter: Unstoppable Spotify Machine?

Artist manager and entrepreneur Troy Carter (pictured) is to take on a senior role at Spotify. The artist manager, best known for overseeing Lady Gaga’s rise to fame alongside managing artists such as John Legend, will be Spotify’s Global Head Of Creator Services. This is believed to be a role that will focus on securing artist exclusives and creating original content.

This is a significant tactical move from Spotify in the fight back against Apple exclusives and Purple Rain downpours on Tidal. As previously reported, it was only last month that four out of the five top albums in the UK weren’t on Spotify due to exclusive debuts and windowing deals with other services.

Confirming his new gig on Facebook, Carter said: “I’m a firm believer that Spotify is the future for music. In my new role [there], my job is just a natural continuation of what I’ve always done – protect the voice of artists”.

Carter is also a major player in the start-up space, supporting and investing in a number of new tech companies including Spotify and he will continue to do this under the banner of his Atom Factory company.

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