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Celebrating Women in Digital and Tech: Lauren Coatsworth, Founder of eConvert Digital

Happy International Women's Day! As part of our IWD campaign this month, we are interviewing a range of women in the digital and tech industry for a feature on this Newsroom. Today, we welcome Lauren Coatsworth, Founder of eConvert Digital.

“I am a freelance ecommerce consultant (trading under the name eConvert Digital) based in Newcastle, working predominantly with North East businesses, with some UK wide clients too. I have worked in Newcastle for over 10 years in various marketing and design agencies (DECIDE, Surreal, Drummond Central being a few), with my latest role being Head of Project Management at an ecommerce agency (Fostr) based on the Fish Quay, working with high profile luxury ecommerce brands such as Victoria Beckham, Ralph and Russo, Beach House Group, and Clarks shoes. I decided to start working on a freelance basis in January this year, to widen the scope of businesses I could work with, and focus on working strategically with businesses to deliver their digital goals, which is where my passion really lies. The services I now deliver on a freelance basis focus around using my knowledge and experience to help businesses plan and implement effective e-commerce strategies, whether they are looking to take the first step in selling online (including design and build of new online stores where required), or need help optimizing their existing solution.”


1. In your opinion, what are some of the biggest challenges women who want to explore a career path in tech and digital face?

Tech is still a predominantly male-dominated sector, which I think sometimes acts as a barrier to some women who may think roles in this area are not for them. As such, it’s hard to find good female role models and mentors in the tech industry, which can be a challenge as I believe mentors and having the opportunity to learn from others can be vital when looking at your own personal growth. That said, I am seeing more women start to enter the industry, so hopefully, that will change in the future!

2. What do you think needs to be done to attract more women to work in tech and digital?

More tech events which have a female focus would be great. I think it would create a fantastic support network, and also attract more women in as they can see all the great things that other women are doing in this industry! There are plenty of events held worldwide to take inspiration from such as Amazing Women in Ecommerce (  and She Means Business (, so I don’t see why we couldn’t set something similar up for the North East. I’d be happy to get involved if anyone out there would be interested in getting the ball rolling on something like this!

3. What would your message be to women and girls looking to pursue a career in tech and digital?  

Do it! Tech and digital is a great industry to work in as it is ever-evolving with new technologies and innovations, so from a career development perspective there are so many opportunities! Your gender shouldn’t even be a factor in considering a career in this industry – if you have the skills and believe you are good enough then go for it!


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