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Generator: Positive Attitude

Generator has teamed up with Attitude is Everything, a charity that campaigns to improves Deaf and disabled people’s access to live music for a three-month research and development project that aims to improve access to live music in the North East.

The partnership includes a consultation that will engage over 100 deaf and disabled people from the region and six focus groups that will work with users and partners to tackle barriers to accessibility.

In addition, 50 Deaf and disabled “mystery shoppers” from the North East will be selected and trained, going on to report back on the access at music venues and festivals.

This will culminate in a report, with the findings presented to the North East’s live music sector. The evidence will then inform the development of a wider multi-year project that will build sustainable relationships across the region, offer improved career and vocational opportunities in the creative industries for Deaf and disabled people, improve accessibility to live music events and provide a peer-support network for mystery shoppers.

Generator CEO Jim Mawdsley said: “We feel privileged to join Attitude is Everything on this piece of work, aware of the value it will have in lifting barriers to provision for deaf and disabled artists and businesses, and through creating intelligence which will help promote change within our own organisation and the wider sector”.

Suzanne Bull MBE, CEO OF Attitude is Everything added: “I have been wanting Attitude is Everything and Generator to work on a specific programme that improves accessibility in the North East for 15 years, and thanks to the generosity of Awards For All, we can turn this idea into a reality. I believe that our pilot project will lay the groundwork to boost individual opportunities for Deaf and disabled artists, audiences and promoters in the North East to develop their talent”.

Find out more about Attitude is Everything here.

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