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We Built this (Music) City

Global trade body the International Federation Phonographic Industry (IFPI) and Music Canada have published a seven-point plan to map out how to effectively harness a strong local music industry so that it contributes to the wider culture and economy of a city.

‘The Mastering Of A Music City’ was previewed at the Music Cities event in Brighton prior to the Great Escape this year prior to officially launching at Midem at the weekend.

It aims to provide a “Simple checklist to help local authorities, businesses, community groups and the creative sector capitalise on the potential of music to build, grow and strengthen their cities”.

The points include creating music friendly policies around licensing, liquor laws, parking and training. In addition, it advocates the formation of ‘Music Offices’ to help musicians and music businesses navigate Government policy and regulations, alongside music advisory boards to engage the broader community and ensuring that those most affected by music policies are involved.

IFPI Chief Executive Frances Moore said: “We’re delighted to be a partner in the Music Cities project, and we will work with our affiliates in 57 countries to spread the good work that Music Canada has been doing elsewhere in the world”.

Moore continued: “We realise this will benefit the recording industry too, and that is the other reason we are co-sponsoring the report. Our job at IFPI is to improve the environment in which our member companies operate and this is one way that we can do that. Just imagine a world where you can go from country to country and find music cities in every one. That would be good for artists, good for record companies, good for city leaders and good for the wider public that just wants to enjoy great music”.

The report also focuses on developing music tourism and ‘Music City’ brands alongside creating spaces for artists to practice, record and perform.

Find out more and download ‘The Mastering of a Music City’.

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