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It often feels like the 80s are a decade that we’ll never be able to shake off, so many bands declare to have influences from the time, from little indie dance acts to mainstream chart-toppers, it looks like there’s always going to be a part of the era sticking around. When a band like All Kings and Queens come along though, there can surely be no complaints that the decade continues to feed the minds of a few more.

All Kings and Queens are a sibling duo from London, Gabriella and Joseph Cilmi, who produce an enticing and intriguing pop sound with an intense darkness weaved throughout, fusing an 80s power rock sensibility with modern electro-pop, it’s fun stuff to listen to, and it keeps you on your toes the whole time. ‘Voodoo’ is the debut release to come from the pair and we’ve got our fingers crossed that it’s a sign of things to come.

The track jumps out of the blocks like Usain Bolt on steroids, exploding drums and funky slap bass blast out as the ferocious vocals of Gabriella roar across. Synth lines bubble about just below the surface throughout and power riffs kick in here and there. There’s even a screeching guitar solo to complete the package.

All Kings and Queens will be also playing Music Futures Live at The Cluny and Cluny 2 in Newcastle on 12th November – for more info and tickets head here

Words by Rich Anderson


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