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One of the biggest rarities in music is listening to a completely new artist, not knowing what to expect, and being absolutely blown away. I’ve had this feeling only once before: the first time I listened to Arctic Monkeys. Amy Milner makes me that excited.

With a voice as powerful and melodic as Florence Welch or Adele, her songs simultaneously make you sway and pump your fists. Milner’s voice truly is a beautiful thing to listen to, and that is so evident in her newest release: ‘Easier’.

It achieves an effect similar to being caught in a storm; her stripped back vocals complimented by a jarring bassline and deep piano keys. What really makes this track so potent, though, has to be the way Milner trails off at times-allowing the song to almost flat line-before bursting back into song with her incredibly strong voice. In summary, I love Amy Milner, and you will too.

Words by Ben Bowes

Tipped by Mattia from Going Solo

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