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You might be all decked out in your macs, boots and cosy jumpers in all the shades of the falling leaves, but with ‘Limousine’ London’s Beach Baby are still all donning their Hawaiian shirts and clinging to the summery vibes.

As Goldsmiths alumni with members from as far afield as Athens, their sunny, slacker-pop is the perfect antidote to the miserable weather.

Bass lines bounce along like a beach ball at Spring Break while guitars cartwheel around with a sugar-fuelled abandon. Giddy, punchy, and downright fun, ‘Limousine’ clings on to summer abandon as it rides around with its head stuck out of the top of the said fancy, stretched vehicle.

“Leave it all behind / Don’t bother me” it seems to say to all the boring beige in the world and at just over 3 minutes long, it’s a snappy, witty sketch of autumn blues-beating greatness; as bright and exciting as their colourful shirts.

Words by Chris Taylor

Tip by Chris Smith 

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