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The internet is a magical thing isn’t it? We have the wonders of technology to thank for the formation of Leeds surf-grunge outfit Black Surf. Despite living on different continents, childhood friends Ali Epstone (vocals/guitar) and Phil Jones (lead guitar) were able to use Dropbox and Facetime to put together music between Leeds and Sydney, before being reunited in the UK. Now fleshed out into a quartet with the addition of Tom Ramsden on bass and Mark Forster on drums, Black Surf are releasing their debut single ‘Lights Out’.

Equal parts nostalgic 90’s alt-rock jam and unashamedly bittersweet pop powerhouse, Lights Out has instant anthemic quality. Hook-laden and blazing with fuzzy guitars, the addition of Epstone’s aloof vocal delivery, which builds from a detached croon to a full-on apathetic yowl, makes for an instant fist-pumping classic. Comparisons to Weezer are unavoidable, but Black Surf’s irresistible homage to Cuomo and co. is undeniably an impressive effort in it’s own right.

Words by Linsey Teggert

Tipped by Matt Parker from Total Guitar and Jamie Otsa from Glasswerk


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