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Well well, isn’t this raucous. New track ‘Kevin’ from garage-indie rockers Cabbage is the perfect antidote to any mid-week blues. The Spring King-esque cartoon-punk grooves and space-age effects on the lead-singer’s animalistic howls blend together perfectly.

There is nothing complex about any of this song, which wears its heart on its sleeve and when faced with the question of how to end the track, the answer they (correctly) come up with is simply PLAY AS LOUDLY AS POSSIBLE. Tough luck being this lot’s neighbours. But good fortune for all of us who get to hear consequences.

Opening line ‘Kevin thinks he’s really fit’, delivered with all the venom of a pissed off viper sets the tone that the rest of the track suitably follows. By turns ‘Kevin’ feels playful and angry, the perfect way to sum up young generation x-ers looking for some kind of direction.

The wacky and somewhat nauseating video serves to highlight the shaggy abandon you imagine Cabbage are trying to convey. But I’m probably over analysing it, because at the end of the day, this is just a really fun track to listen to and listen to it you should!

Words by Lewis Lloyd-Kinnings

Tipped by Jay Taylor

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