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Most artists start out singing covers, though these days it’s moved from the grotty local pub to the wide open field of YouTube. West Londoner Courtney Bennett is just one of those that have garnered an impressive following from her recordings on YouTube, but now it’s time for her to branch out and really make her mark.

The UK doesn’t really have an alt-R&B star of the same calibre as Jhene Aiko or Tinashe, but, if ‘Motives’ is anything to go by, Courtney Bennett could be the answer to our prayers. This debut single is one that expertly demonstrates all of Bennett’s talents. From her delicate Aiko-style vocals to her confident flow with slick lyricism, all surrounded by a beat gleaming with an addictive shine, it’s an impressive debut brimming with promise.

Her upcoming EP, He(art) Dealer, is sure to the catalyst for great success.

Words by Chris Taylor

Tipped by Kerry Akif from Souterrain Live 

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