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It feels as though there’s been a gradual loosening of the pernicious pomposity towards straight-up pop music in the last couple of years, even in the more ‘serious’ corners of the music press, which is pretty great.

In these trying times, it can’t be anything other than healthy for humanity to allow themselves to fully embrace that incomparable rush of endorphins that a great hook can generate.

Apparently London’s Damien Ike understands the magical feeling a great pop song can inspire in a person, because with his first release he’s absolutely belted it out of the park.

‘Kingdom Come’ is rich in texture, bursting with musical ideas and boasts the most euphoric chorus you’ll hear all year.

It all adds up to a magnificent piece of contemporary, grown-up pop music from a very exciting artist.

Words by Paul Brown

Tipped by Rob Platts from Junk City and Linn from Little Indie Blogs

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