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Today’s feature comes from London based singer-songwriter Florrie. Previously she’s provided drums for the likes of The Saturdays and Kylie Minogue and her new track ‘Real Love‘ gives us a catchy, stylish take on modern pop.

Florrie takes the blueprints for a classic pop song but uses edgier production and chant-along post-choruses. Her voice is strong and filled with energy, which is perfect for the feel-good love song that ‘Real Love’ is. Regardless of the romantic connotations of the track, it is more suited for fans of pop that takes itself a little more seriously, such as Kate Boy and Foxes.

Describing the song as a culmination of everything she’s learnt in the last five years, it’s clear she’s cracked the pop formula. ‘Real Love‘ will be stuck in your head for hours after you listen.

Words by Tilly Dowman

Tip by Jill Guthrie from When The Gramophone Rings

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