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Pop music might be a malleable thing, but very few new artists have the nerve to really play around with it, let alone the energy and skill to come away with something noteworthy afterwards. FUNKTIONSLUST might well be one of the exceptions.

‘A Different Street’ sees the girl-boy duo from South London offer a refreshingly audacious take on electronic pop wherein skittish beats, chinking percussion and pulsating synthesisers coalesce in a blusteringly warped sonic design.

It’s all underpinned, however, by something markedly pop-like. Sage Redman’s rich, pensive vocals trace a story of deceit and give the track a splash of normalcy despite sounding anything but.

Quite simply, FUNKTIONSLUST have set us on a ride that takes a few unexpectedly skewed turns on the way, but whose ultimate destination is strangely familiar: pop majesty.

Words by Chris Haywood

Tipped by Tim Dickinson from The Blue Walrus

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