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Today’s tip from HQFU had me digging out my Lexicon Of Musical Neologisms in order better to describe her latest track ‘Dust & Dirt‘. Chilltrancesongtronica was what it suggested, and based on the piece’s varied use of kick drum, synth washes, what sounds like a sampled electric guitar doing all sorts of arpeggiated gymnastics, and the song’s long-form structure which brings in the processed lead vocals after a good minute of gentle but persistent build-up, I’m going to run with it.

HQFU is a solo female producer from Glasgow, and ‘Dust & Dirt‘ is the lead track from her forthcoming début EP CA$HLE$$ LIP$, to be released in November. As the above tongue-in-cheek description hints, hers is a tricky sound to pigeonhole, combining proper old-skool dance music tropes with conventional song structures and lyrics. I wouldn’t be so crass as to suggest her music is any more special for being produced by a solo female, but, you know, there’s not that many on the circuit so it’s good to see. Should be well worth catching live, and apparently you might get a customised HQFU custard cream on the door. What more could one ask for?

Words by Martin Sharman

Tip by Tom from Gold Flake Paint  Neil Wilson from Scottish Fiction

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