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Subtle, delicate and nuanced, ‘White Lines’ from the prodigious IMOGEN is an intimate and intelligent portrait of the sufferings and emotional implications of leaving people and places behind to experience pastures new.

Talking to The Line Of Best Fit, she explains that the song is “about the fear of being forgotten whilst learning to let go when it’s good for you. But like a lot of my songs, meanings morph and change with time and new experiences. I wrote this a while ago now so it’s good to finally get it out of my system.”

Now based in South-East London, IMOGEN displays exceptional prowess and competency when it comes to crafting music which is elegant and subtle, and for writing haunting melodies delivered  with astonishing soulful depth.

‘White Lines’ is gentle and humble to the listen, yet simultaneously possesses an almost other-worldly power, enough to silence rooms and evoke sincere and deep-felt emotion. I would recommend you listen to this track, undisturbed and in silence.

Words by George Rowan

Tipped by Cal Kilpatrick

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