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Today’s tip comes from London-based experimental urban artist Jayah.

On ‘Follow Me’ he serves up a bed of smooth synth waves, topped with his suave, half-spoken, half-sung, lyrical flow.

Initially the story appears to be the usual boy-meets-girl-and-raps-about her, with lines like ‘If I don’t see you in my dreams then you ain’t real to me’ delivering sweet sentiment.

But there’s an interesting musical left turn two-thirds of the way through, and if you watch the video, it’s matched by an even more surprising twist. Not your usual teenage romance.

This is an admirably restrained, chilled-out piece from Jayah; in a genre which is all too often associated with lyrical excess, his limpid delivery is refreshing.

Despite a ‘Parental Advisory’ sticker, there’s little in the way of cussin’. And now the sun has made an appearance, a bit of Jayah’s easy-listening urban flavour is just what you need when you take to the streets with the windows down.

Words by Martin Sharman

Tipped by Kerry Akif from Souterrain Live

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