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The days might be drawing shorter and that unmistakable autumn chill creeping towards us, but Brixton-based producer Joe Hertz is here to stretch those summer twilights out just that little bit longer with the luscious Playing For You.

With the help of Bassette’s gloriously soulful vocals, Hertz is standing firm against the threat of winter. This smooth, sultry nostalgic R&B cut is a heavenly escape, transporting you back to the dog days of summer. Watching the first light creep over the buildings, lazy weekends soaking up the sun, hiding in the shade with a cold drink. Whatever your memories of those days long gone now, ‘Playing For You‘ will take you back there in a blissful instant.

Whack the heating on, close your eyes and press play. It’s almost as if summer still has you in its grasp.

His debut EP, ‘How It Feels’, is out now.

Words by Chris Taylor

Tipped by Kristi Shinfuku

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