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Jordan Mackampa may not be a name you know, yet, but his music has a comforting familiarity to it. Even on first listen his voice and delicately mellifluous melodies wrap around you like a favourite winter coat.

Described across the internet as earthy, soulful, alt-folk, Mackampa is all of this and more. Evocative and intricate, his songs conjure and create as they flow, nudging your imagination and emotions as they wash over you.

His latest track, taken from his forthcoming debut EP Physics, is the oh-so-lovely “Midnight”. A gentle, ebbing tune of guitars, hand claps entwined with his lightly worn vocal. It’s autumnal in feel, all deep oranges and mauves that build with the layers of sound. Flurries of light and swirls of shapes dance before your eyes as the vocals build and the aural stimulation deepens.

It’s the kind of song you’d expect to hear on Live Lounge or another acoustic performance showcase programme. It’s no surprise then to learn that he’s already performed for Sofar Sounds, his songs have a sense of intimacy and inclusion that best befits a quiet and appreciative audience. We’d wager his audiences are all quiet and appreciative as well. Attentive and wrapped up in the sounds and stories he tells. When he sings, you want to listen, to hear and to feel; to be a part of his world.

So as the seasons turn, put on your favourite old coat and get to know the sounds of Jordan Mackampa. Chances are he’s someone we’ll be hearing a lot more of in the future.

Words by Adam from Alphabet Bands

Tipped by Henry Carden

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