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Today’s tip comes from Mahalia who gives us summery soulful vibes with her track ‘Never Change’. At only 17 the artist has already worked with Rudimental, appeared on Jools Holland and toured with Ed Sheeran. Her youth gives a playful vibe to her songs yet her sound is incredibly well polished and mature.

Her new single has a strong theme of a romantic interest needing to compromise with an upbeat, hip hop influenced track. It has a killer repetitive bassline which sticks in your head for hours.

Her older music is slower, emotional and acoustic which she openly described as psycho acoustic soul. ‘Never Change’ sees a much happier, pop-tinged, soulful vibe, which showcases an adaptability to other genres with great success.

Words by Tilly Dowman

Tipped by Pete at Folded Wing and Wayne C McDonald

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