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Packed with nostalgia and an endlessly appealing 90s vibe, ‘Laserbeam’, the latest track from Brighton indie pop trio Phantom Runners, is the kind of track that makes you feel like you’re hazily floating through the sky in a state of bliss; exploring that every morning sunrise with an evening full of great memories replaying in your head.

Having enlisted the help of Fun Lovin’ Criminals’ Huey Morgan, ‘Laserbeam’ is a carefree gem that’s even more exemplified by Phantom Runners’ laid back songwriting process in which they just let the song come to them and then tidy it all up later.

The end result is a track that glides through with sunny guitar melodies and loose percussion and feels almost like 90s Ash at their most laid back. It’s a track that’s in no rush to go anywhere; meandering about, content in exploring these memories and just soaking in the atmosphere.

Words by Chris Taylor

Tipped by Jamie Otsa from Glasswerk

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